Build a personalised checkout experience

An e-commerce checkout with 0% processing fees, a powerful logistics engine and a fully branded customer experience. 

Only pay for what you use

Your brand everywhere

Connected to your stack

How does zenPay work?

Connect your e-commerce to zenPay and get back control over your checkout. 
1) Maximize your capacity for all local deliveries and pickups.
2) Accept payments with 0% processing fees.
3) Increase your average basket and your margins.
4) Create fully-branded customer experience for your customers to track their orders without ever calling or emailing you.

Pickup and Delivery

Enable your customers to choose the delivery time and date that suits them

  • Customizable delivery zones by geo-locations
  • Delivery capacity per time window and delivery zones
  • Smart delivery fees to optimize pricing based on demand and location
  • Integrate to any TMS or zenTrack for route optimization and monitor of deliveries
         - Onfleet
  • Set scheduling policies according to your operations:

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